See You Around Chicago

As of Sept. 1st, 2010, Chris and Tam moved
out west. We moved from Chicago to LA.
The drive was ridiculous. Two cats and
a container of fish in the front of a Penske
truck for a week.

We left Chicago with the support of good
friends and memorable farewells. In fact, we
left Chicago with heavyhearts too. We know
we can't ever replace our close Chicago friends -
but we also realize we are young, life is
short, and for living. So why not try out a
warmer climate for now?

And we say thank you. Everyone who came out,
called us, and wrote us to say goodbye and
wish us good luck - you mean the world to us.
So thank you and don't be afraid to keep in
touch. We sure wont!

xoxo Tam and Chris / Chris and Tam

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