Thanks for our Gifts Mom and BK
Greetings and thank you for the presents!

I guess UPS knew better than delivering a 2-day delivery in 8-days because the package came today. I was unfortunately, too busy to pick it up or open it till
later this evening because I am so backed up on current projects and other freelance work that's piled up in the last month. Chris ended up doing some
errands and came back with a box o' presents! Let me say that the box was a challenge to open with my bruised sternum... yes, you read that right. It was tough
but Chris had no problem helping. I think he was pretty excited to get it open too. About the bruise... I think it's a bruise because it's sore like one. I'm
becoming more accident prone as I get older it seems. Anyway I hurt my chest bone apparently making that snowman in the picture I sent you. Snow is heavy!. I
don't remember snowman making to be so labor intensive from childhood but man am I sore.

Anyway we did get the box today, the 29th, and wanted to share our PJ's and present opening with you - so I made it a computer cam event. Chris was very excited to
get cooking stuff as he's more refined in those matters more than I... but the kitchen set is an encouragement because I've been trying to catch up in the making
of gourmet food department. I've been making apple pies with a half a bushel of apples that I bought at Yates. I make the crust and all! Next, I am happy to get
cookies and Chris would be too if I would only share. ;P The earrings are very pretty and are an unexpected surprise. I will wear them for this New Year's
celebrations... as well as the deodorant. I told Chris that I must smell pretty bad in order to get deodorant for xmas but then again it is something unique. I'll
give it a try.

So thank you both for the box of goodies. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and hope your New Year celebrations will be safe and filled with fun too. Thanks again,
Happy New Year and I/we love you both very much.

Tam and Chris